Virtual assets — making life better for many people.

№1 — NFT (non-fungible tokens )

Virtual assets are known as cryptocurrencies or tokens and so much of discussions around them, still, the question remains what is there for the regular people.

Shortly — freedom.

  • Freedom of being able to save money making transactions with other people in a direct but secure way.
  • Freedom of getting financing for your projects without restricting your abilities with a bank or any other financial organization.
  • Freedom to operate your financial potential in the same way as a legal entity could do it in our days.
  • Freedom of being in control of the logistics of your production and its money flow.

There are so many articles on the subject of what is blockchain and cryptocurrencies reason why I will not talk again about Bitcoin or Ethereum. O yes! Dogecoin! True — I love it, but not about it. :)

I will talk about how you can benefit from Virtual assets and how my organization can help you research and safely use this new world of possibilities.

The first type of virtual asset I want to mention is NFT — a non-fungible token.

As it is formulated on Wikipedia: “A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable.” ( full article on Wikipedia you can read here ).

So what is there for me, you may ask. But the candy is that using the NFT you can ensure an efficient management system for your creations. You can get yourself a 100% secure way of merchandising your art or your products. Even more — you can set controllable Royalty for each secondary sale!

In this regards, I would mention such a system as DaVinci gallery on Harmony is ( you can check it out here )

Easy to unleash your creativity and even easier to set the controls for the logistic and financial part of your sales.

With this tool, your business becomes borderless but still securely controllable with an automated money flow.

There are many blockchains to be used for NFT generation: Harmony, Cardano, Ardor, NXT, Etherium, Binance smart chain, etc. Still, you may want to choose the one with a higher level of interoperability, with the fastest finality and lowest fees for sure. :)

This is where Frateria will be standing for you to assist in the best way possible.

Briefly about my organization.

Name: Frateria ( meaning is — brotherhood )

Virtual asset: Fraterium ( link to it on Viper.Exchange )

Our scope is to help as many people as we can to benefit from the opportunities that are given by Virtual assets implementation in their lives.

Any questions you may have, please let me know so I can assist.

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