Be your own bank — is this possible?

It is funny to see us going around looking for someone that would manage our money better than actually, we could do it…

So what exactly is a bank?

It is just an intermediary between liquidity providers and those who need it. Basically, it is a swap that has the empowerment of selecting those who have access to this swap and setting the prices.

In this case, how can I be my own bank, you may ask :) .

It is easy — you need to realize that you are a permanent income generator and all you need is to monetize this ability. Yes — the fact that you can make money can be monetized and at Frateria we do this for you.

Take a look at the legal entities — they are generating added value, liquidity and whenever they need capital they don't necessarily address the request to a bank. With a better chance, they would go public and would get listed on a stock exchange. In other words, a company would sell its shares and get the necessary financing at a very low price.

And this is the path that would allow anyone to get the financing they need. But do we have the necessary tools?

The answer is Yes! With #Harmony blockchain and DeFi technologies, each of us has the chance of ruling our own life.

How to do it? Let me give you a simple algorithm of a savings solution that can be created on the #Harmony blockchain. This solution differs from a banking deposit in a drastic way — you don't get the useless 1–2% annual percentage yield on your savings, you actually get the real price for your ability to generate income and this is huge on the market.

For the beginning, we at Frateria, together with you as partners, will analyze the scope you are pursuing, the way it will impact your ability to generate income.

Second step: Frateria will create the most effective blockchain tools necessary to help you access international liquidity markets that are ready to boost your future life — your personal shares that can be easily sold, bought, sent to someone, and kept with you without requiring any third party for managing them.

Third step: Frateria will assist you in actually access the multimillion international liquidity markets so you can get the necessary financial support based on your personal shares — you are a real income generator so these markets are looking for you and they want to invest in you and your ability.

So now you can invest in yourself placing your earnings into your own shares as in a banking deposit but at the same time other people will have the same opportunity — the opportunity to invest in you buying your personal shares and this will boost your profits so much higher than those insulting 1–2% APY a bank is giving us.

So ask yourself — are using all the opportunities life gives you or are you just wasting your daily efforts.

Have questions or just need assistance —contact us. Frateria is here for you to be your guide in this beautiful land of opportunities called Blockchain and DeFi technologies.

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