Dear friends,
As we said before, Frateria has the mission to create conditions for our community members to achieve the desired economic well-being level as this should make them happy as we believe.
For that we intended to create such conditions when whatever economic activity will be done among Frateria economic space, each Frateria member should be able to benefit from it.

Our first step was the creation of the “FRATERIUM” token (FRATE) that is basically a governance token of the Frateria community. So, each member will be able to participate in the decision-making process of the Frateria community. …

It is funny to see us going around looking for someone that would manage our money better than actually, we could do it…

So what exactly is a bank?

It is just an intermediary between liquidity providers and those who need it. Basically, it is a swap that has the empowerment of selecting those who have access to this swap and setting the prices.

In this case, how can I be my own bank, you may ask :) .

It is easy — you need to realize that you are a permanent income generator and all you need is to…

№1 — NFT (non-fungible tokens )

Virtual assets are known as cryptocurrencies or tokens and so much of discussions around them, still, the question remains what is there for the regular people.

Shortly — freedom.

  • Freedom of being able to save money making transactions with other people in a direct but secure way.
  • Freedom of getting financing for your projects without restricting your abilities with a bank or any other financial organization.
  • Freedom to operate your financial potential in the same way as a legal entity could do it in our days.
  • Freedom of being in control of the logistics of your production and its money…

Grozav Dumitru

#FRATE #BeYourOwnBank #Harmony_protocol #Cardano

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